The Jamis upgrade!

January 26, 2020 By Brad Kellas 511 Recovered Bikes, Stolen Bikes



On 20 December 2019, a thief on a suspected stolen Jamis Coda (photo below) entered an apartment garage in North Fitzroy searching for what he could steal.  Upon finding the victims Jamis CX, he decided to upgrade, stealing the CX, leaving behind the Jamis Coda. 

Most bikes are stolen to be sold, which proved true for the Jamis CX, when less than two weeks later it was advertised for sale on Facebook Marketplace -  which like Gumtree has proven to be a popular place for thieves and black market traders to advertise stolen bikes. 

Fortunately - The growing army of BikeVAULT stolen bike spotters were on the lookout for suspicious adverts and in quick succession four reported sightings of the advert were reported to BikeVAULT, triggering the alarm bells and recovery action stations at VAULT HQ.

Unfortunately - Typical of many stolen bikes the bike was listed for sale cheap for a quick sale and in this case sold in a matter of a few hours before the police could act.  

Fortunately - The buyer of the bike, who in reflection didn't feel comfortable with his cheap purchase, decided to check BikeVAULT to see if the bike was listed as stolen.  Upon finding the matching stolen bike,  without hesitation, he made contact and returned the bike to the owner.


To make this a near-perfect recovery story -  we need the bike communities help to find the owner of the suspected stolen Jamis Coda left behind.  If you have any information about this bike, click the link below and leave information via the MAKE A CLAIM tab.

Jamis Coda (PV20540) - Click here to view the bike 

Now the not so hard sell.......

The BikeVAULT and PropertyVAULT platform and specialist service is free to the public and police of Australia.  We are a totally self-funded organisation and don't rely on Government handouts.  Although we are free, we have plenty of expenses, so we need revenue to keep the lights on.  If you value our service, please visit our online shop and consider purchasing one of our VAULT - BIKE ID KITS and LOCK bundles designed by those that know more than a thing or two about countering bike theft and protecting your ride.

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Help us put the black market traders and thieves out of business

Bike theft is largely driven by the lucrative black market trade, aided by lacking bike identification, insufficient recording, and the inability for the public prior to BikeVAULT to check if a second-hand bike is stolen when advertised for sale.

Lock your bike identification and your ownership in the VAULT for free and help us put the black market traders out of business an end targetted bike theft!  

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